Xpeed Heavy Duty Squat Rack

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Xpeed Heavy Duty Squat Rack

The Xpeed Heavy Duty Squat Rack can handle everything from squats, dead lifts, bench press variations, and dips. The Xpeed Adjustable Squat Rack is not only adjustable for height but also width, which means it fits a variation of barbell types and sizes. If you’re tight on space, great news, it has two barbell holders, two horns for plate storage and thanks to the addition of wheels on the rear of the frame it’s easy to manoeuvre at the end of your workouts. Which means it doesn’t take up much of a footprint in your workout space.

A leading feature of our new adjustable rack is the addition of the Xpeed triceps dip handles. This feature allows you to target the upper arms and chest compared to other standard adjustable racks on the market. From a functional perspective, there are 38 height variations for the rack’s J Hooks and spotter holders, plus with 7 variations for width, you’ll always be able to find new ways to challenge your workout set up.

*Barbell, bench and weights sold separately or as bundle packs.


–  Barbell holders
–  Plate Storage
–  Spotter Arms
–  J Hooks
–  Dip Handles
–  Adjust Width
–  Adjust Height
–  Easily stored


– Height: 185cm
– Width: 194.5cm
– Depth (including wheels): 205cm
– Spotter arm length: 36cm






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