Xpeed Calf Raise Block

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Blast those stubborn calves

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Xpeed Calf Raise Block

The calves are a difficult muscle to exercise and can be stubborn to stimulate.
The Xpeed Calf Raise Block is a simple, and inexpensive but very effective way to blast those stubborn calves.

Benefits of the Xpeed Calf Raise Block
Calf Blocks will allow you to perform a calf raise with a much greater range of motion than on a flat surface.
By raising the foot or feet off the ground, the heel can travel lower giving a greater stretch on the calf.
You will be working all of the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles in the calf area.
Using smaller blocks of wood or weight plates will be too low to give a good stretch.
Xpeed Calf Raise Blocks are specifically designed to be used for calf raises. They are the perfect height and offer great stability.

Get the most out of your calf training
Put your trust in the Xpeed Calf Raise Block. Use them on their own or add to other exercise equipment.
You can perform standing body weight calf raises with one foot or two. Add extra resistance by holding a pair of Xpeed dumbells.
Use the Calf Raise Block underneath the Xpeed Heavy Duty Smith Machine, load up the weight plates and feel the burn.
Other options for calf workouts include placing the Calf Raise block in front of your bench, placing a dumbell or weight plate on your thighs and perform a seated calf raise.
The Calf Raise Block is so versatile it can be utilised as part of your squatting and bench press routine too.
Place your heels on the Calf Raise Block for extra balance when performing a squat or use it for a better position for your feet during bench press.
This Solid, Compact and Versatile Calf Raise Block is great for the home gym as well as in any commercial gym, helping you to build your calf muscles with nearly 100% isolation.

Great for squats as well as seated or standing calf raises
Made to suit all user heights
Non-slip chequer-plate surface
Non-slip Rubber Feet
Made from quality heavy duty steel tubing with a stylish matte black powder-coat finish
No assembly required.

Assembled Dimensions – 57 x 39 x 10.5cm, Weight 5kg
Carton Dimensions – 60 x 44 x 12cm, Weight 5.5kg



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Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 44 × 12 cm


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